The business started as a hobby of Lincolns’ to provide his partner, Pernille, with low/zero toxicity supplementation to avoid further complicating her Traumatic Brain Injury management and has grown to be a long-term project.

Lincoln, a past professional athlete with a growing knowledge of micronutrient application and theory, is in dialogue with supportive specialists, chemists and researchers internationally.

“Damore” refers to Dr. Damore ND of Denmark (not actively practicing) who has played an instrumental role and motivation in the resulting core conceptual and scientific direction of Damore.Solution Ltd. products.

Damore.Solution Ltd. products are unusual by common design comparison.  Various testing and toxicity reports are used to determine compounds of choice. The target of quality is more important than the price.

This attitude started in consideration to the level of toxicity exposure looking precisely at how a compound is made.

Sourcing from a laboratory origin compounds can be reviewed and it is easier to determine which compounds should be selected and preferred. This is not common practice.

Besides the topic of residual toxicity in compounds there is also the bioavailability aspect that oftentimes has been researched very extensively, usually in Europe by the EFSA (European Food Standard Agency), besides studies reviewing toxicity complexities due to bio- accumulation.

Bioavailable compounds, methylations, chelates and specialised isolations are the better choice, but often also very expensive to produce, making the end- product generally less affordable and therefore more difficult to represent in the common popular market.

If you have any questions, please use the contact-form or simply use the various social media channels to reach out.

Customer support is provided and includes orientational help for you to understand which product may be the most suitable to your interest.

Take reference to the ‘SUPPLEMENTING STRATEGY’ on the landing-page.

As a small company, development can only happen so fast and increased support is always helpful and welcome.

Lincoln Birch
Dr. P. Damore ND